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Using information from both Crystals (Earth) and Astrology (Sky), this is a “ONE of a KIND”, customized, reading that I created in 2014.

The unique reading consists of the client selecting 6- 9 crystals that they are drawn to (from over 120 beautiful stones), holding them in their hands, thinking about what they want to know (allows questions/information/energy to pass from themselves into the crystals)  and then are dropped/cast onto a specialized astrology house chart/mat.


Using my psychic skills and connections to the crystals, there associations/correspondences, I interpret the placement to provide answers/insight/messages. I also incorporate Tarot and Runes into the reading, which adds many additional layers of information.


Time:  15 Min for $ 30, 30 min for $ 55, 60 min for $ 100

6 Crystal w/Tarot: $55 (Most common)



     Over 30 Years Experience using the Robin Wood Deck


         3 Card: $ 5

            5 Card: $ 10

           Celtic Cross: $ 25

            Wheel of the Year: $ 40




I'm one of the few people who offers readings for children.  Reading children is very much like reading for young adults.  They have many of the same questions/concerns regarding goals, skills, relationships, talents, education, career planning, social skills and much more. 


The reading offers pertinent information and observations that are age-appropriate while keeping things supportive, light and entertaining.


- Individual:  Ages 5 – 13:  $ 10 for 10 min

                Ages 13 – 18: $ 15 for 15 min

- Child with Adult/Parent:  Additional $ 20 for 15 min

- Group Parties of 10/ Time:  2 Hours

Ages 5 – 13:  Starting at $ 125

Ages 13 – 18: Starting at $ 150

- Group Parties over 20:  Please contact for rates

In “Professor Saelawney” Costume/Persona: $ 50 Charge


Are you Soulmates, Twin Flames, Best Friends or a Recipe for Disaster?  Why not get a Couple Reading to answer some of those questions? Couple Readings involve those who are in relationships and want to explore the workings/strengths/weaknesses/issues of their relationship together.  I offer a variety of different Couple Readings

- CRYSTAL READING:  This unique couple reading is very similar to my “Earth & Sky” Readings (See above for description) and involves each person selecting 3-6 crystals, then joins their hands and crystals together, they will hold/grasp hands together as they focus on their relationship and then proceed to dropping the crystals, together, on a specialized Astrology chart.

- Tarot Cards:  A special spread/layout that dives into the future of their relationship

- Astrology (1 Hour Appointment Required):  This couple reading offers a customized Astrology Compatibility Chart and Individual Transit Charts.   

Must schedule an appointment and given the following information for both individuals; Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Location of Birth

RATES for Couple Readings

Tarot/Crystal Readings:

$ 30 for 15 min, $ 50 for 30 min, $ 90 for 1 hour

Couple Astrology Chart: Starts at $150


Please meet my persona/alter ego named “Professor Saelawney”- Distant relative of a certain Hogwarts professor of Divination. “Professor Saelawney” shares many of the family traits/looks/appearances and skills (See photos).  She has her magical crystal ball where she is able to gaze deep within and pull out hidden information.  Professor Saelawney makes appearances for a one-time charge of $ 50.


Now offering customized Astrology Charts.  Dive deeper into understanding your horoscope/zodiac sign and how planetary alignments affect your everyday life and future. 


Each client will receive a detailed report that covers your Sun/Moon/Rising/Ascendant Signs, placement of planets and so much more.

***Must schedule an appointment and give the following information: Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Location of Birth***


Natal/Birth/Transit Chart:  Starts at $ 60 for 30 min

Combo Reading:  Starts at $ 100 for 45 min

Special Transit Chart w/Crystal Reading: Starts at $ 150 for 1 Hour

Each Additional 30 min: $ 40



I read my handcrafted Set of Elder Futhark Runes and Witches Runes

Single Rune Casting for a brief Yes/No response to a question: $ 5

Three Rune Spread for more detailed information: $ 10

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