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At a Glance

- Practices: Gardnerian WICCA 3*/British Traditional WICCA/Hedgecraft
-Experience: Reading Tarot: 35+years, Crystal Readings: 12 years

- High Priestess of Crystal Moon Coven
- Astrology: Virgo, Moon:  Pisces

- Skills: Clairaudient (I hear messages from the Other side)
Medical Intuitive (prior Pathologist Assistant/Medical Field experience)
Sound Healing

- Personal: Married to John, No Children, 1 Dog "Bella", 1 Cat "Pretty Girl"
- Location: Spanaway/Yelm
- Veteran/Retiree of U.S. Army
- Cervical/Skin Cancer Survivor


It all started with my love of Crystals (Earth) and Astrology (Sky)…….


EARLY YEARS:  As a child, I loved finding rocks and looking at the stars.  I always felt at “home” when I was out in nature and much of my inspiration was born during my child-hood.  In my youth I had many severe health/dental issues as I had a very rare condition called "Amylogenesis Imperfecta".  I spent most of my childhood/teen years having multiple surgeries and spent alot of time in the hospital.  My step-mother was a Wiccan High Priestess, so I was exposed and fascinated with all things magical.  I began my studies of WICCA and started to read Tarot & Runes during my high school years (30+ years ago). After high school, I joined the U.S. Army as a Medical Laboratory Technician and spent many years deployed and traveling the world.  During my Military service, I continued to study Paganism and in 2005, honorably retired from the service. After retirement, I felt the pull to further explore my Spirituality and all things "Woo Woo". 


In 2009 I had underwent a full blown “Spiritual Awakening”.  I was mistaken when I thought I was already “awake” and I received a “Spiritual Clue By Four”.  New spiritual connections were taking place, new psychic talents/gifts were discovered, teacher’s/like-minded friends appeared and I began to actively work with my Spirit Guides/Animals.  I started to incorporate Crystals, Sound Healing, Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Herbs, Elements and much more into my everyday life and in late 2014 my Spirit Guides gave me knowledge and the blue prints for my unique and one of a kind divination system (See About the Reading’s).

All the puzzle pieces began to fall into place……and I began to perform readings within my social circle, where my skills, psychic & artistic, continued to expand.  I had always loved arts & crafts and my Guide’s had shown me a way to incorporate Spirit/Magic into my creations.  I began making magical Charm/Mojo/Medicine Bags, Rune Set’s, Flower Crowns, Wood Pyrography Crafts, Candles, Crystal Grids……..etc………the inspiration/idea’s keep coming.  In late 2016 “Earth & Sky” became a business and I began to do readings and teach workshops/classes at local metaphysical stores, fairs and events.


I have been an active volunteer in the local Metaphysical and Pagan communities for the past  8 years. I participate in NW Psychic Fairs, which offers weekend events throughout the local area and I can be found at other major festivals. 

Northwest Psychic Fairs:


I'm the creator and organizer for NW Pagan Hikers, a group that explores our local Forest’s, Rivers and Parks and at the same time conducts classes/workshops/wildcrafting on Pagan, “Woo Woo” topics.

Northwest Pagan Hikers:

In my free time I enjoy spending time rock-hounding, teaching, wildcrafting, gardening, reading and hiking.




Married over 15 years, he is not only my husband, but also my business partner and my High Priest of Crystal Moon.  We work together in making crafts...….and magic!


My Boys


BLU: My 1st Dog, Crossed the Rainbow Bridge July 2019

BOSCOE:  A 16 year old MALE Calico, crossed the Rainbow bridge and joined Blu

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