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- Custom Tarot, Crystal w/ Astrology & Rune Readings

- Handmade Magical Crafts/Talismans/Amulets

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About Sandra

Sandra practices British Traditional Wicca, Hedgecraft and is a  Gardnerian Priestess living in Spanaway.  

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27 Jan, Wed: Readings at Crescent Moon Gifts 12-7pm

30-31 JAN, SAT & SUN:  URBAN UNGLUED FREAKS & FAE CRAFT SHOW at the OUTLET COLLECTION-1101 Outlet Collection Way SW, Auburn

5 Feb, Fri: Readings at Crescent Moon Gifts 12-7pm

10 Feb, Wed: Readings at Crescent Moon Gifts 12-7 pm

19 Feb, Fri: Readings at Crescent Moon Gifts 12-7 pm

24 Feb, Wed: Readings at Crescent Moon Gifts12-7pm


"Earth and Sky Charms"

I handmake different kinds of magical crafts/tools/items.

To Purchase, Please Email or Send Me a Message via Facebook 

- Animal/Spirit Guide Rune Sets/Celtic Zodiac Sets

- Charm/Mojo/Medicine Bags for specific intentions. Each bag contains a magical sigil/symbol, crystals and wood charms

- Handcrafted Magical Candles w/herbs, essential oils & crystals

- Specialty Wood Crafts:  Moon Glyphs/Runes, Elven Rune Sets, Magical Alphabets (Theban, Celestial), Alchemy Symbols

- Wood Crafts including medallions, signs, crystal grids & more

- Flower Crowns for all ages and occasions

- Rune Sets:  Elder/Younger Futhark Runes, Witches Runes, Anglo-Saxon Runes

- Chakra/Reiki Sets:  Contains crystals and wood charms for the different Chakra’s

Each item is handcrafted with Magic.  I use materials that I have personally harvested/grown/collected and then cleanse/charge each item with Sun/Moon light, Sacred Water/Soil/Fire.  I also create crafts during optimal astrological alignments (Eclipses, Equinox) and Sun/Moon phases.

Custom/Special Orders are Available

 Earth and Sky Divination

 Sandra McLeish

 Email: www.earthandskyreadings@gmail.com

 Phone:  (253) 846-9493