Crystal Moon Coven/Outer Court



Crystal Moon Grove/Coven is forming a Teaching Group for Prospective New Members in the Tacoma/Olympia/Yelm/Puyallup Area.  


Crystal Moon Coven is a British Traditional Gardnerian Coven, Long Island-Louisville Line

that Hived Off of MoonSong Coven.

We are a Priesthood of the Old Religion and are an Oath Bound, Experiential, Mystical Tradition

We are Open to ADULTS (Over 21) Individuals of all Races, Sexual Orientations, Identities, and Backgrounds.

There is NO CHARGE for Training!


We are open to Seekers SPECIFICALLY interested in the possibility of being Initiated into a Formal Gardnerian Coven, if mutually desired. Our Training is NOT based on a "Year and a Day" model, as a Seeker's journey progresses differently and in their own time. This is a Commitment of Time and Patience. If you seek training in British Traditional Gardnerian Witchcraft it is important that you thoroughly research this Tradition as all Traditions are different, and not suited to every Seeker.


For Interested Seekers, Please Email a Brief Introduction to Sandra & John at


We will Email you an Application/Questionnaire and once received back, we will set up a Meeting (Zoom or In-Person).  This will help us to determine if our Teachings and your Expectations are one in the same. It is also very important to realize that filling out the Application and Meeting with us DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the Grove/Coven.  As much as you are trying to find the Right Fit for You, We are doing the same.  If we determine that we cannot meet your needs we will, to the best of our ability, suggest other Teachers or Sources to assist you in your Spiritual Quest.

Brightest Blessings!